Vote for Paul D. Perry. Vote for Brad Norman.


Tomorrow is the start of early voting in local and state primaries.


The winners of these primaries will be their party’s candidates in the fall. Therefore, they must win tomorrow.

There are more registered voters in Texas than ever. There are two million more registered voters in Texas now than during the 2016 elections. Guess which party has been out registering voters?

Therefore, none of us can just decide our candidate will win. Every vote counts.

I plan to vote tomorrow morning in Midlothian. I would vote ten times if they would let me. I love to vote.

This time around I recommend:

Paul D. Perry for County Commissioner, Precinct Three

Brad Norman for Sheriff of Ellis County.

These two gentlemen will do the job we send them to office to do. I believe they have the best interests of Ellis County at heart. Please turn out to vote.

Please vote for Paul D. Perry and Brad Norman. I will.

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