Vote. In Midlothian, vote for Richard Reno for Mayor. Wherever you live, go vote.

Early voting in Texas started yesterday.

I had things that kept from the polls until early afternoon. I voted shortly after lunch. There was no line as I arrived. Two more voters came in while I was there. The workers told me the first day turnout was “steady.”

If this is steady I would hate to see slow. Please, VOTERS, set your TV to record your favorite episode of Family Feud. Since they are alike, you will not know you missed one or two.


Service men and women have bled and died so you could vote. How dare you sit at home? Stop thanking them for their service and GO VOTE.

In Midlothian, I endorse Richard Reno as Mayor. He is the most civic minded and level headed candidate, for my money. Go vote for Richard Reno.

MeTv will not go off the air while you are gone. Barney and Andy will still be in Mayberry.


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