Voters of the World Unite and Throw Off Your Chains

American voters spend a great deal of time complaining about their government. The government is top heavy with graft. Too many people run for office and win who only have their own interests at heart.

“Democracy,” it has been said, “is a very bad form of government. We must remember, however, that all the other forms of government are so much worse.”

Of course, my Political Science Majors will remind me that we are not a Democracy in the USA. We are a representative republic. I agree, but with the caveat that Representative Republics are to Democracy what Hinduism is to Buddhism; a kind of flagrant reform, with the addition of numerous deities.

Regardless, I urge us to vote. Our oldest grand daughter is old enough to vote for the first time in this special election. I have coached her up on my candidates. To wit:

Richard Reno as Mayor of Midlothian. We have had many development people and chamber of commerce types slicing up the pie here. We are in great need of a Mayor who will pay attention to the city’s bottom line, not just his own.

I have volunteered to go with her to the polling place. I cannot go to the booth with her, but I will be so proud to see the next generation of our family exercise the franchise.

Early voting continues through April 30. Don’t put it off. Go vote. Really, get up and go vote. Go. Now. Scoot.

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