Wayne Allen

   The eagle needs not the sparrow to praise his wings.

   Eagles soar, sparrows flit from place to place.

   So, I hesitated to put anything on screen about Wayne and Theresa Allen. Wayne died last week. His funeral visitation and memorial service probably attracted five thousand mourners. 

   Wayne, you see, is an eagle.  He  does not need the praise of a sparrow.

   Yet, on the lesser perch from which I observe him, one must say Wayne left behind him a legacy high up on life's aerie. When you look at his life, you scarcely know where to start the praise.

   Wayne served as pastor of Texas baptist churches back when that meant a lot. His most notable pastorate was First Baptist in Carrollton, Texas. God used Wayne's immense administrative genius and work ethic to help that church grow to enormous size, without the cheap theatrics employed by most mega-churches. You could never feel silly in one of Wayn's services. His dignity prevailed.

   Wayne proved to be the best friend Dallas Baptist University ever knew. Gary Cook is the day to day dynamo and no one can ever overlook his contribution to the school. Wayne Allen, however, was one of the influencers who wanted DBU to thrive. Thrive it did and Wayne never stopped promoting the school.

   Wayne loved his wife, the beautiful, vivacious Theresa, who stood with him all his days. Their lasting legacy of love and devotion to one another serves as an inspiration to young preachers who need to know they should be successful at home as well as at work.

   Wayne's happiest legacy may be his children. They arrived at adulthood loving God and the Church, even though they grew up in a minister's home. If you do not recognize that as an accomplishment of hightest note, then I do not know how to explain it to you. 

   Wayne was a real friend. When other alleged baptist "leaders" forgot you or snubbed you, Wayne still knew your name. 

   Wayne Allen was the pastor every church needed. He soared.

   His memory does not require the authentifaction of the sparrow's tweeting.

   Still, the sparrow cannot help but remember the soaring eagle's wings.


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  1. Amen,
    Wayne was from the tiny community of Indian Creek south of Brownwood. My father was almost ten years older than Wayne but often spoke of him with great respect when dad was still with us. A generation of giants are passing on to glory.

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