Wayne Allen, James Semple, Calvin Miller

   This is a tough summer for baptist heroes. First Wayne Allen, then James Semple, now Calvin Miller. All have died.

   I will take only a moment on this night to speak my admiration of Calvin Miller. He was a pastor who built great churches, a thinker who thought large thoughts, a poet, an author, a scholar. Baptists have only had one Calvin Miller and I do not see another coming our way.



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3 thoughts on “Wayne Allen, James Semple, Calvin Miller”

  1. Holy’s definition of creative thinking is “forgetting where I read it”. But in this case he will make an exception.
    It was Calvin Miller who decades ago introduced Holy to the wonderful expression, “transcendental hesitation”. From that chance encounter came “The Church of Transcendental Hesitation” that appears in Holy’s occasional Church Report.
    The rest is history.
    Thanks, Calvin. Holy will be forever thankful for your contribution.

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