We Can Buy Eight Bibles Now

I mentioned yesterday in this site that I had given away all my English Bibles. I still had my Greek Bibles and my Hebrew Bible for the Old Testament, but that really diminishes the number of persons I can help with Bibles.

And, many thanks to the two people who provided this money. I will spend iit only on Bibles.

We also supply safe, affordable housing, document retrieval, driver training, work references and about a hundred other things.

Will you help us every month>

Our goal is to have 1000 people helping us with $25 per month each month. That is about two pizzas. We will not use it for pizza.

Please go our site and download our app. It takes about a two minutes. Follow our updates, be part of who we are and what we do.

We have worship services on Sunday and Wednesday. If you are over 18 you can attend with us.

All my guys are criminals. They wen to jail for various reasons. They did not do anything heroic to get to jail. We are asking them to do something heroic now; stay straight.

Please decide to help us. Go to our site, hit Donate, give us whatever you can give us each month.

And, thank you.

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