We Give Thanks

Chains of Grace understands life goes on when a man goes to prison. His family struggles to make life work. His children grow and their needs multiply.

Chains of Grace invested a considerable amount of time, money, effort and energy this last in 2019 in ministry to the wives and children of our brothers behind the bars. As the men come out of prison we have been able to place more and more of them in decent jobs. Some of the families who have not received child support in years are now receiving that aid because the dads are out of prison and actually working.

One of those families we have aided in multiple ways was gracious enough to share their story of how we strive to keep “helping the whole”:

Your opportunity to Help the Whole

We give thanks to all our prayer partners and donors. Your prayers and contributions make all the difference. No one in our ministry family has to do without anything they need; rent, food, medical care, school supplies, decent clothing, transportation, all the things we need in a modern society.

Please become one of 1,000 committing to give $25 per month to Chains of Grace each month. We will remind you how to help in this way. Not many of us will miss the $25 each month, but Chains of Grace will benefit greatly from the gifts. When we reach the Hallelujah Goal of 1,000 persons giving $25 each month, that will be $300,000 each year.

Please be a part of this ministry.

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