We Need a Godly Woman

We closed our Women’s House in June after a year in operation.

Why? The women were less moral than the men. The women were vicious, hateful and mendacious to a level we had never seen with the Men’s Houses.l

No, our guys are not perfect. The women were just a whole lot better at lying, stealing and cheating. I am simply stating a fact.

Are we never to open a Women’s House again?

Today, we took a pregnant girl from jail to a Drug Rehab. No family, no facility, no, well, not anything. We took her to a Drug Rehab.

Today, we took a young woman to another facility she could not possibly afford without us. It is a residential facility. We are paying her deposit and her first month. Without it she would literally live on the street. A young woman living on a street, or part time in a homeless shelter, cannot reasonably expect to take care of herself if a larger, violent man wishes to force himself on her.

Today, we found yet another young woman coming out of the County jail with nowhere to go. We put clothes on her, fed her and found a place to keep her for awhile.

Today, we need a Christ-centered facility to take these drug addled young women, pregnant and unable to provide for themselves and their baby. We need a godly woman to live in a residential setting and make a difference for these young women.

Pray. Ask God to provide a Godly Woman, not a couple. I will not put a man in such a setting. Pray for a Godly woman willing to make this her long term ministry. She must have a calling to do this long term.

We can provide the rest for a start up.

We need a Godly woman.


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