We Went Quiet Here for a Time. Not by choice.

Long time readers remember I posted here once a day for more than ten years, when I thought I had something to say. The numbers we gained indicated more than a few readers agreed. When we switched from my typepad site, titled aintsobad, it seemed the vast majority of our readers came with us. The numbers dipped slightly as we made the move to www.rickddavis.com at the point I bought my own domain, then regained their former stature. We were included on other websites, most notably the blogsphere of the New York Times (twice).

Long time readers also know I have not been observant of my new site for the last few years. I removed myself from denominational politics, at which time the denominational apparatus I had served began to follow the suggestions I had made for years. There was not much more to say there.

During this time I also went into some form of business with some of my children. We are not the Trumps but we made a living.

Then, my health deteriorated leading up to and including the time of my car wreck. I had to spend much of my time getting back together from my head and neck injuries. In short, I should be dead twice over, or paralyzed, but I am still here and ambulatory. One supposes my survival is for a reason.

Over the last few months, when I have posted, I have more than occasionally offered some small praise to President Trump for his efforts at prison reform, meager though they may be. I have also offered some thinly veiled criticism of some of our “progressive” politicians, who shed great tears for the plight of immigrant children but vote for every pro-abortion bill they see.

And, suddenly, a few of weeks ago, my site blinked and went dark. I spent some time trying to relaunch. Calls to the webmasters, the best efforts of my usual IT helpers, I did all I could, but to no avail.

I do not believe for one moment than some vast Left Wing Conspiracy mitigated against the late, mostly unlamented ainstosbad or my poorly used domain.

I admit I have wondered if my words somehow ran afoul of the recently developed mathematical algorithms to which various former platforms, now publishers devised to remove conservative commentators from the web. If the people behind this censorship can attack the eagles, could they not as easily brush away the sparrow?

And, I hate feeling this way. Our nation spent two years, millions of dollars and barrels of ink trying to prove Mr. Trump used collusion on line to tip the 2016 election. There was no legal evidence to support that claim. Now, however, the on line publishers of vast global on line media empires, billionaires all, insist they can put off their sites anyone who does not collude with them.

So, with the help of a handful of people I will not name for fear I would put a target on their foreheads, we are back. I had a lot of things I wanted to say during the silent interim. After all, during my silence we found out Joe Biden and Betsy Ross were racists. We discovered a nutzoid former waitress who goes by her initials AOC can take one trip to the border and discover the agencies over which the Congress in which she serves allows immigrant women to drink out of toilets.

Also during our darkness, Mr Trump refused to go to war with Iran and initiated steps to avoid a war in North Korea. Thank you, Mr. President, for not going to war. You are strong enough you need only glower at the enemy, rather than send American boys and girls, patriots all, to die in some foreign adventure that costs us blood and dollars.

So, since I have returned to say a word or two about our progressive politicians and offer some praise of our current President, I can tell you this, for sure. I plan to be here more often. If I disappear for weeks again, you can be certain, I am not gone voluntarily.

Good night, Mr. Zuckerburg, wherever you are.

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  1. I’m in search of a new word to describe “progressives” since this in no way describes what they are about. Any ideas?

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