We Will Not Create a New Level of Bureauacracy. We Will Replace Three Layers With One.

   I have posited the idea of a ministerial guild more than once in this blogsite. I guess I wrote it often enough some others have started to think it is their idea. This is a good thing.

   After the first of the new year, a dozen or more of us will meet to actually start the organizational work for such a guild. I hope to attract 100 ministers almost immediately. Our hallelujah goal will be 1,000 ministers, either senior pastors or staff, male or female, of the Free Church background we share.

   We do not intend to add another level of bureauacrats. We intend to do something entirely new and very needed. In so doing, we will change the face of the church in North America and then the world.

9 thoughts on “We Will Not Create a New Level of Bureauacracy. We Will Replace Three Layers With One.”

  1. I hope we can finally have a place where listening actually means listening and dialogue means dialogue. We have a whole bunch of us that sure don’t need another group telling me what I think. I look forward to a time when we will actually begin listening to the churches and finding a relevant spot in our world.

  2. Dude! Rock on! (for Jesus of course!!!)
    I must ask, where will you and the others meet? What day? Date? Time of day? Length of meeting? Goals or target areas? Who will be invited to attend? It seems to me that this GUILD is something that will be very BIG from the get-go … in other words … SPOT ON! Bravo for you… and PTL for leading you in this endeavor. Let’s get it up and get it running for Jesus’ sake. Ministers all over are looking for something new and spiritually exciting to be involved in — you know, something new and different, yet something that still points them smack dab to JESUS! People want to be a part of something, and ministers are no different.
    See you at the GUILD.
    (and regardless of what the WACKY PREACHER MAN’s BLOG might say at a later time, this will NOT be a branch of the world famous “LOLLY POP GUILD.”)

  3. RD,
    If you need a place to meet, let me know. I offer our sanctuary.
    I just checked. It is only 1700 miles from El Paso. It’s 1200 miles from Houston, and roughly 1300 miles from Austin. From the geographical center of the earth (Brock, of course), it’s a mere 1159.80 miles to be exact.
    Let me know quickly, so I can make the initial arrangements. I will call our kitchen committee in advance as I anticipate your “yes.”

  4. I hope we can finally have a place where real ideas are discussed. I hope we will not hire another incompetent dolt to come through and tell us what we mean, in order to say the central authority listened and we can now trust the central authority, which means sending them more money. I hope we will stop sending them anything, but find ways to support our institutions and ministries to the best of our ability. I hope we stop paying ever growing salary packages to wasteful middle-men, who claim to be missionaries, in large part because they could not do anything in the real world.

  5. Thank you so much for continuing with this. This is just the thing to begin to bring about the kind of change we need.

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