Wedgewood Baptist Church and Pastor Dale Braswell

One of the things I get to do as Executive Director of Chains of Grace ministry is meet with church staff and church champions about our ministry. Tuesday, May 14, I sat down with Wedgwood Baptist Church Lead Pastor Dale Braswell. Dale was kind enough to give me more than an hour to visit with him about our ministry.

And, of course, I came away extremely impressed with the young man. I know, I know, I am a creme puff in my old age, but this guy is the real deal.

Dale Braswell and his wife are Dallas Baptist University graduates. This, of course, endears them to my heart. He has done church planting work as far away as Seattle. He is funny, relaxed, kind hearted and open.

Dale is the kind of articulate Bible believer I wish all churches could have for a Lead Pastor.

If you are near Wedgwood Baptist Church on a Sunday, drop in and give this guy a listen. The church building is located at 5522 Whitman Avenue in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Wedgwood also live streams their worship hours. For that, go to their website and follow the prompts.

So, again, I had a great visit with a local church pastor and staff. If you can set up a meeting for me with any member of your church staff, I would appreciate the opportunity to visit with any and all about our ministry.

Contact me at our website,, or here at or call me at 972-740-1917.

A week from this Sunday I will speak at the Snow Hill Baptist Church in Tuttle, Oklahoma at the invitation of Dr. Todd Littleton. We will share our ministry and God’s gospel during their morning worship hour. If you are nearby, come by and let’s meet for a moment.

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