What Do You Want in a Youth Pastor at Your Church? The Clownish Clique-Maker of the Clan?

Ok, here is what I want:


  1. Christian experience-You want a born again person, male or female, who knows God personally, encounters God prayerfully and learns of God perpetually. This person may not fit well with carnal Christians who live in a clownish clique, so the youth pastor may have to choose between nobility of spirit and the practicality of fitting in with the (much) weaker person. I want the noble fellow but that is just me.
  2. Christian maturity-You want a person able to hang with students but not one who forlornly seeks humiliating ways to descend to their intellectual level. In short, you want a real adult who can show youth how to live.
  3. Christian family-If the minister is married, you want a born again family able to love and care for the flock and the shepherd.


I could go on but you get the idea. You want a Christian.

There is a fellow out there right now who meets all these important criteria and more. His name is Chris McIlravy. He has been working in an impossible situation faithfully for five years. I recommend him to any church looking for a youth pastor. He is a young man of sterling character, who speaks the truth in love, but always speaks the truth. I served with him personally for more than four years and never heard him speak a word of untruth. In fact, anyone who told me Chris lied to them would be someone I would immediately brand a liar.

Of course, there are a lot of liars out there and a lot of them go to church.

If you are looking for a godly young man with a supportive family, a fellow with nobility of spirit and a strong work ethic, to lead your youth ministry and interact faithfully with your other staff, please contact me here for a longer recommendation for Chris. Joan and I love him and his family dearly.

1 thought on “What Do You Want in a Youth Pastor at Your Church? The Clownish Clique-Maker of the Clan?”

  1. Chris and his wife have made such a positive impact in my daughter’s life. They have been such a spiritual influence to her, and have helped me guide her to lead a Christian life and be a woman of God. They are faithfully always there for her. We have been so blessed to have them in our lives.

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