What does a Pastor do for you?

   If you are not a church  guy, what does a pastor do for you? I work hard at being pastor of people who do not go to church, not any church or my church. Let me ask, pastors and church people, what does a pastor do for you?

   Please give me your ideas.

4 thoughts on “What does a Pastor do for you?”

  1. Rick,
    It has always been my policy to see to it that my ministry was bigger than my church. I like your question. I have found that many unchurched people very much enjoy have a pastor as a friend. Even an athiest or two has clearly shown response to my interest and care for them.

  2. Dan,
    I think so, too. I am now asking the unchurched what a pastor could do or does for them. I think we can show there is value to having a pastor even if you do not go to church.

  3. rdd,
    Although many times I act like it, I am not unchurched. Even so I’ll answer your question.
    I have four pastors and I seem to keep each rather busy. In no particular order here’s what they do.
    One teaches/preaches to me on most Sundays, prays for me and my family.
    With another we work together in ministry as we get our hands dirty. He also prays for me and my family.
    A third challenges/teaches/disciples me almost daily via the typed word and the miracle of the internet. We don’t see each other much these days and that needs to change. When I was in the hospital he checked on me everyday, best as I can remember. When my son was in the hospital he checked in constantly. He too prays for me and my family.
    The fourth I see even less than the others. We share lunch about once a month and it is one of the best days of the month. He always prays for me and my family.

  4. Find a way to speak forth God’s truth (as called) even if — especially if — everyone else is afraid, intimidated, fooled, apathetic, opposed, uninformed or misinformed.
    Cut through the fog.

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