What I Did: I Updated and Mostly Finished the Essay Started On Friday

If you regularly follow this spot (even since the aintsobad days) you know I have to return to finish some posts after the fact. This was the case with the essay I started on Friday, which is about religion. I left some of you hanging when I ran out of time but I did promise to continue the essay at my earliest convenience and did so today after some morning meetings with church members.

I am beginning the argument that post-modern agnosticism/atheism (nobody really holds the atheist position very firmly, they mostly just hate the church and its attenders and say very little about God or even religion) has materialism as its core. Our philosophers could help here if they would stop their contrarian arguments about realism and open theism. Materialism has an answer, in fact, several of them, and believers ought to stand up for the God we claim to worship in Spirit and in truth instead of arguing over infrastructure issues that serve only to remove us from society.

I want to offer some relief from the materialistic arguments of the evangelical agnostic, who is becoming the big winner in religious argument in our day. So there it is, I offer it to the world, about 2,000 words in total and intended to start a thought process in us as to how our religion meets our day with kindness but also with deeper insight. Your opponent is materialism, my Christian friend, with its puedo-values and it is the system that gave us facism of he Right and Left in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Read your history, know your Bible and fight the real foe.

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