What I Know, What I Love, What I Know I Love

   What do I know? I know there exist those I love. 

   I know they exist because my imagination is focused on them.

   I close my eyes and I see the loved ones.

   My arms, where they fit to hold and be held by me, ache when they are gone.

   I feel them there when I do not see nor touch them.

   I know I love them, if I exist, if they exist.

   Until, and not short of  that point

   Wherein my imagination is sanctified for God,

   do I have an inspected (and so worthwhile) life.

   Unless, and under no other circumstance

   but that of all my reason fastened on God

   do I know I have a religion universally helpful

   and so meant to help all men.


   After I know God exists

   and I exist with God

   and not apart or detached from God

   then I have a faith steeped in knowledge

   Wherein I am certain I love God

   and so ache for God.

   Then, and not before, God can deliver to me

   a body of Christian knowledge

   so to insist upon my worship

   which is itself, essentially,

   a sanctified imagination.

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