What I Meant…

was what I said. This is a real failing of the aging persons (like me). I was taken to task for telling a couple of young men who were sent to me independent of one another this one thing, after talking to them for a few hours apiece. To wit, the best way our ministry can help you, young fellow, is to stay open, up and running until your arrest, arraignment, indictment, trial (more likely plea bargain), sentencing, imprisonment and parole. Then, in 10-15 years when you get out, dear boy, we will do our very best to help you reenter this culture. The culture will mostly resist your reentry.

For real and true, beloved friends, you will find the culture resists you. Your prison record will not be considered a selling point. When you are face down in a ditch with dogs baying and hot lights on you, when large men with guns drag you from your hiding place, remember the old preacher told you, “We will try to be here for you.” Pray for us as you head into prison. We may very much be your best chance coming out.

Or, you could slap yourself silly and run to rehab. Quake it out with the DTs for a few days. It is not much worse than a bad case of flu. You can get it done with God’s help.

I want you to know, though, this for certain. I know what it looks like and I mean what I say. I urge you to know that I know that of which I speak. Hear me now. Heed me later.

You will not like prison. I will hate to see you there. Your family will move on without you. Your friends will move on away from you. The more brave you act the more fear will come your way. Hear me. Heed me.

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