What I Would Tell Young Ministers They Will Not Find Elsewhere in Pithy Fashion

1. The people who get mad and leave are seldom as much trouble as those who get mad and stay.

2. Cads are often promoted, while good men languish. Do not decide for honor easily.

3. Wisdom and courage are twins; they share the genetic material of self-inspection.

4. What begins with the head of a tiger should not finish with the tail of a snake.

5. Pastor your whole town.

6. The fellow who thinks a preacher does not need a blog is the grandson of a fellow who thought the preacher did not need a phone.

7. Do not disrespect gray hair.

8. Mystical Christianity is equal parts prayer, study and solitude.

9. To settle the eschatological quandry, understand the millenium is about the perpetual veneration of the Christ, as His earthly ministry is validated in a heavenly context. Ergo, rather than preach "Left Behind," we ought to preach "Included In," or, better, "Above All."

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    1. Then Rick left the blog and went into the house. His reader posted a comment to him and said, “Explain to us the meaning of number four…”

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