What We Believe About God, Part Four

   For background, please read the previous three posts on this site, in order from one to three.


   God presents good news, gospel-type good news, in the Old Testament before God even gives the Law. God tells Abraham that he, Abraham, will be the Father of a Multitude and a blessing to all the world, in Genesis 12, long before God tells man, Moses, to sense God through Torah, or Law.

   Therefore, God's plan must be said to be based on a personal relationship, by means of the agency of faith, rather than legal codes. Legal codes are temporary; binding but not blessing. Always it is God's plan to replace stagnant Legalism with abundant Life. We do not feel ourselves bound eternally by Torah, for the Law ends in time, while the Life extends into eternity.

   Law keeping provides for decency, order and serenity. When one steps outside the Law of God one leaves that point in space and time where God's best blessing can be received. 


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