What We Believe About God, Part Three

   Human observation of time's passage is the clearest proof we have of the existence of God. Time only exists where it can be measured. Time must pass, or elapse, in order to have being of its own. Human observation of time passage implies man can observe God at work in eternity, through time, at both the beginning and the end of human history.

   Scripture assumes the existence of God, without further insistence, and then sets God's activity in time, cf. Genesis 1:1-3. When God set Creation in Time and man began to measure Time, man capitulated to the existence of God, and has continued to do so with the measurement of Time since Time began.   

   When we check the sun to determine direction or time of day, we are actually praying. Human evolution, by which so many Moderns set aside the existence of God, is the least of all proofs (or unproofs) of divine existence. Time, direction, all determined by the setting of forces in Time and Space, is our proof of God and our acquiescence to God, as we set ourselves by Time and Direction.



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