When a Slip Becomes a Slide

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, non-profit ministry. Chains of Grace provides reentry services and supervision for persons coming out of incarceration.

We are supervisory in that we are directional. We try to be pro-active in offering instruction when we have reason to believe a person may be engaging in moral error.

We hope to help our ministry members before their slip becomes a slide.

What are the signs a person is slipping? The list I am about to give is not exhaustive, but it offers some clues. To wit:

  1. A person’s language starts to change and not for the better. Racial epithets, profanity, base sexual comments; all can point to the truth Jesus noted, “…it is what comes out of one’s mouth that defiles…” Matt. 15:11.
  2. A person suddenly remembers they are not actually religious. The person is suddenly not a Christian the way the sponsoring group understands Christianity.
  3. A person starts to “miss their old friends.” Or, they want to “minister” to one or two persons who engage in their old, evil behaviors.
  4. A person begins to use gateway drugs, again. What are the main gateway drugs we see? Tobacco and alcohol. We watch closely a person who goes back to smoking, or who increases their use of tobacco. Alcohol is often not far behind the increased use of a legal gateway drug, like tobacco. I am now counting the number of parents with drug dependent adult children who tell us, “I knew when she went back to smoking tobacco the other drugs would follow shortly.”
  5. A person starts to confess some small issues they know to be wrong. A bit at a time, they will start to remember other misdeeds. None of the confessed misdeeds are actionable taken one at a time. Put all together they represent a slip, perhaps soon to become a slide.

There are others. I will get to them soon. Watch out, do not let a slip become a slide.

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