When I Am On the Basketball Court

I am a Division-I basketball official for the UIL of Texas. My middle son, who also calls games and will read this post, will immediately say he is better and I will stipulate to that fact.
    When I am on the court as an official, these things happen for me.
  1. I am not old.
  2. I have never been sick.
  3. I do not have headaches.
  4. I can run faster each time I get on the court.
  5. I never make a mistake in judgment.
  6. I always make the right call.
  7. The fans love me.
  8. The coaches appreciate me.
  9. The players admire me.
  10. My bald spot starts to grow over with dark, black, thick hair.

In short, I live in sort of a fantasy world when on the court.

What really happens for me is about as good.

  1. My knees and back do not hurt during games.
  2. My cardio-vascular conditioning improves.
  3. My mental acuity is challenged and improved.

That is really about it.  There is no money involved. You try not to lose too much money at it. When you figure in the time and distance traveled, you hope to break close to even. The knowledge garnered by years of study and practice make it easier to take the constant abuse from fans and coaches. Your hide thickens over time and that helps in other ways. I take no Blood Pressure medicine, though I did for awhile during the off-season this year. My BP is textbook without medication again now, 120’s over mid-70’s and my weight is very much under control.

So, here we go again.


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