When I Moved Off Mr. Biden

Mr. Biden has been seeking the Presidency for nearly 40 years. The Democrat Party has repeatedly found reasons to prefer any other candidate.

During one of his mini-campaigns Mr. Biden was accused, correctly, of plagiarizing a speech by an English politician. Mr. Biden had already been accused of plagiarism during his school days.

If you listen to the speech by the English politician and then listen to Mr. Biden, it is too clear who spoke first.

When confronted about this matter, Mr. Biden flew off the handle attacking the questioner. He declared he had graduated very high in his class and insisted he has three degrees.

Mr Biden, it was revealed, has one degree. Mr. Biden, it was revealed, graduated near the bottom of his class.

I do not mind that Mr. Biden has only one degree or that he did not exactly graduate with honors. I do have issues with his tenuous grasp of truth. He lied so blatantly that a prominent liberal political talk show of his time declared there “was no way he could recover.” The panelists agreed he was finished as an elected politician.

Fast forward to 2020 when the Democrat Party, so called, has pushed reality back so far even Joe Biden is acceptable. Is it possible they just could not find a real candidate who wished to venture out against Mr. Trump?

I fear it must be so.

And I cannot vote for Joe Biden. I am sorry for anyone hurt by this announcement. I love you all.

And I beg you not to vote for Mr. Biden.

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