When Traveling With People Who Know One Another

   Take care not to intrude on the conversation of companions. Friends will emerge from the pack but they may not be those who first present themselves. These may only be hosts. Wait awhile and listen. Some will need to talk but these may not be the friends, they may only be conversationalists.

   Soon enough, a friend emerges. 



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2 thoughts on “When Traveling With People Who Know One Another”

  1. Quite often, when in the company of others, I sit and wait politely for my turn to speak. Generally, by the time there is a pause I have either forgotten my contribution, the topic has changed, or someone has already made my point for me. Once or twice I have complained that I am a terrible conversationalist only to be rebuked and told what a great conversationalist I am. I always wonder are they serious, kidding or just not listening? lol

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