Where Do You Go for Shade When the Old Tree Dies?

   No one wants to see the old tree die. It grows in the front yard, intimidates grass, spares the house the heavy efforts of the sun and dispenses oxygen for all. No one wants to see the old tree die.

   Die it does. Nothing living lives forever, no longer how long lived it may be. The old tree dies.

   Where do you go for shade when the Old Tree dies?

   No, you cannot wish the Old Tree to life. You can bemoan its death but the sun will still hit your head. You can fix blame for its demise. Go ahead.

   You will still need shade when the Old Tree dies.

   Tomorrow, Monday, October 12, 2009, up early, I start to lay out a plan for where we go for shade when the Old Tree dies.

   Let me propose the basis from which we will work in this brief series. I love the Old Tree. I am an Old Tree hugger. I view its death as a great loss.

   At the same time, I understand the needs of the future. The sun will feel hot tomorrow, as it does today. There is a need for some shade.

  I view the future with undiluted confidence. It is my personal belief God is the Great Forester. If we take our eyes off the Forester, the death of the Old Tree might claim us as well. If we listen to the wisdom of the Forester, the Old Tree's fall can be the start of a new period of growth.

   I expect the young to step up and earn a spot at the table. We need youth for energy and gray hair for wisdom. When we start to replant we will need some who know the old places best for growth. We will also need some folks who know the latest methods of spiritual horticulture.

   Most of all, we need the Forester.

1 thought on “Where Do You Go for Shade When the Old Tree Dies?”

  1. 2 thoughts never forget with the whole global warming thing…..we may need more shade
    This time let’s set up a good pruning mechanism so that death may be prolonged and productivity is enhance. It is possible, at least the author of scripture thinks so.

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