Where Freedom and Necessity Meet as Equal Foes, Virtue Must Be the Arbiter

   For a few days, this little space will be given over to a presentation of virtues. At least, there will be here a presentation of virtue as I am coming to understand the subject. I admit freely I come at this from a Christian world view, with an emphasis on "a," for it is only one of many.

   My heart grows weary and my limbs weak with carrying those who wish to present themselves as spiritual but not religious. I suppose it is possible to present the form of the former without the substance of the latter but I still think it unlikely. There is a corrective in religious practice set to keep spirituality from becoming self congratulation.

   So, I will warn you, oh, you, who still dare come here, to be ready for an explanation of religious virtues in the sense that there is something God wishes to say to man. It is more than what is said to keep us in line. I think the war going on for our souls today is at the place where freedom and necessity meet as equal combatants. At that place, because freedom and necessity both have powerful arguments to make, virtue has to arbitrate between them. For that to happen, we must know what virtue is in fact.

   For that, we will trail Jesus along from Bethlehem to Calvary, by way of Cana and Gethesemane.

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