Where Have You Gone, Rick Dimaggio? The Blog World Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You

   Woo, Woo, Woo.

   I have not posted much lately. Somehow the Universe spins on.

   Since March I have been using up my writing time on hand held journals. I finished one for a friend and have worked diligently on journals for each of the grandchildren. These have taken up my thinking/writiing time, to the neglect of my faithful blog readers. 

   I have also lost another 12 pounds. I am now down to where I was in my twenties. I apologize for even writing these words for those of you who struggle with weight. I am not trying to lose pounds. It just happens.

   Forgive me, my chunky friends. See your doctor, stop it with the sugared sodas already, remember it is the potato that adds one pound each year to your frame (the evil tuber). See your doctor, find out if you can exercise and start.

   Yes, I know. This from a fellow who loses pounds by deep breathing.

   I have left my fictional friend, Otis, in dire straits. You no doubt want to know how I see the political landscape here at aintsobad in this election year. My theological rumination over at Renovation are woefully behind.

   And I still have parts of four journals to complete. 


   I may be sporadic here for quite awhile, though I do intend to get Otis out of the road, remind you how to vote and finish explaining how we know there is God over ar Renovation. 


   And here's to you, my dear readers, Jesus loves me more than you can know.

   Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.

   Woe, Woe, Woe


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

4 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone, Rick Dimaggio? The Blog World Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You”

  1. Was that chunk friends or chucky friends (I could not resist). I have lost 35lbs in physical weight and the weight of the world in other ways. Bless you and keep writing for the Lord!

  2. I must say – maybe in past generations we could blame the tuber, but if today’s society ate any potatoes besides a french fry, that would be considered health food! And, I might add, it’s not McDonald’s fault. In this and many more ways, we are practicing our God-given free will, and bearing the consequences. (By the way – I don’t like french fries or soft drinks.)

  3. 250 pounds my senior year of high school (32 inch waist but 250 pounds). I have not weighed what you now weigh since I was in grade school but remember, even though I now weigh 325 pounds, I did get up to 525. When you lose 200 pounds, then I will be impressed! (Got 200 pounds to lose my little friend?)

  4. Roy,
    You are a manly man. No, I do not weigh 200 pounds and have not for some time. In fact, I would like to regain some good weight but do not seem able. I remember when you started to lose some of that weight while we were together in Brownwood. I am impressed by your dedication.

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