Where Is The Rage?

Before I end this post I will disclose the Place of the Rage. Then we will all know the answer to the question in this title. We know where the Rage lives in America in 2020, but we are going to need to say it aloud.

Where is the rage?

A nineteen year old black man was violently killed in Chaz/Chop. There were no police, white or otherwise in Chaz/Chop, so no one can blame the police.

Where is the rage? The Chaz/Chop experiment apparently does not allow for the kind of rage or rioting seen in Minnesota or Atlanta or New York or Chicago or, well, you get the idea. Perhaps in Chaz/Chop there is not a building left that needs burning or a storefront not yet smashed or defaced.

Or, perhaps the citizens of Chaz/Chop know they will get nowhere with a protest of their own militia. Perhaps they are afraid of their militia. The Utopian Society of Chaz/Chop is not turning out to be a Summer of Love or a Street Festival.

So, we start to see, Rage lives where reality stops. When the young black man was shot down in the streets, the Mob protected the murderers from the real police. When another young man was gunned down the Chaz/Chop sent for help over the international boundary. They allowed Americans to come in with an ambulance and take the wounded man to an American hospital.

I am not being sarcastic. If what I am writing seems ludicrous it is all an exact retelling of the events in the Socialist Zone of Chaz/Chop.

What shall we do?

If the rage lives where reality stops one might seriously suggest we begin to inject truth, objective truth, into the situation before another statue falls or another armed militia is formed.

Reality can help.

For an example:

No homogeneous national group in the world has a more checkered past than Germany. At the end of World War II the Nazi Final Solution was no longer a viable national goal. The murder camps were eliminated as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Not all the evidence was removed, however, and, today, German school children take what Americans would call field trips to the sites of the murder camps. There they get an unvarnished history lesson retelling their great national sin of 80 years ago.

And their young people face their national reality, apparently unflinching. Where reality reigns rage is more difficult to incite.

We should learn a lesson. Pulling down statues, defacing property, segregating the races, and screaming at the police are not acts of heroism. Fighting with the police or shooting at the police are not even acts of lucidity.

What shall we do?

At some point the Sheepish Majority must engage the Mob. I do not believe the SM (Sheepish Majority) can placate Mob Rule by appeasement. Seattle is just a symptom of the disease. The illness itself is the fictional, hateful narrative put out by the Mob.

Let us try a dose of reality. A strong dose. Here we go.

Simply put, there are not 60 genders.

Men and women are not all alike.

America is not systemically racist. Please name another major national entity able and willing to elect a member of its persecuted caste to the highest office in the land. Twice, each time without starting a major race war and each time without disarming the citizenry or massing troops at the polls.

Voter suppression does not occur just because you lose the election. Russia did not elect Mr. Trump.

The most livid attacks on Mr. Trump concern events around the election of 2016. Here is the reality. For all of 2016 Mr. Trump was a private citizen running for high office, while Mr. Biden, a career politician, was Vice President of the United States. Who had more power to fix an election?

When Mr. Biden emerges from his basement and sees his shadow we are doomed to three more months of fantasy. Mr. Biden says the Russian interlude into our national election would not have happened on his watch, but Mr. Biden was Vice-President for all of 2016, while Mr. Trump was just a private citizen.


Up to the same 2016 election, Mrs. Clinton had been First Lady of the USA, Senator from the state of New York and Secretary of State. Mr. Trump was a businessman with a strong brand name and a fresh mouth. Who had more power to rig an election?


Reality. The light shines in darkness.

Rage. Hatred demands the absence of light.

The eradication of objective truth does not mean truth ceases to exist. People who will not live in reality do not create a reality of their own by crying about their own truth. A person who will not live in reality is thought to be deluded or delusional. Such a person may be susceptible to the movement of the herd.

Consequently, there is no street rage for the young black men shot down in the streets of Chaz/Chop because that would not fit the unreal narrative. No police could have been involved in the street shootings of blacks in Chaz/Chop but people still die there.

Here is a dose of Reality. Chaz/Chop, with no history to speak of after three weeks and with a small population has a high murder rate against unarmed civilians. The State Department should put out a Travel Advisory for American citizens traveling in or near Chaz/Chop.

Rage resides where Reality cannot go.

Take to your social media. Demand reality from all. You may save the nation.


The structure of sin and the theology of blame.

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