Whig Party Collapses; Panic Ensues

   The American Whig party has breathed its last. Never mind this is not news.

   The American Whigs actually died in the 1830's. Their once powerful political cabal died because it failed, nay, refused to take on the great political issue of the day, e.g., the continued existence and actual expansion of African slavery.

   Within the a dozen years of its death, remnants of the Whigs coalesced with various others to elect an American president, the sixteenth of that line and the first to win as a Republican. You may have heard of him;  a lanky, homely man from Illinois.

   Coming Monday in this space; What to do for shade when the old tree dies.

   My point will be overbearingly obvious. The party/institution/group that refuses to coalesce around the great issue facing it is the dying old tree even while its green leaves grow.

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