Why (and How) the Young Socialists are Killing the Old Democrat Party

I was raised to be a Democrat. Gasp.

Texas was once a One Party State. The Party was Democrat.

In fact, Texas was a state full of Yellow Dog Democrats. That meant, if the Democrats ran a yellow dog for office, the yellow dog would win in Texas.

This changed. Some of the reasons for the change were not great, but none of them intended the end of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party in the USA is dying. Socialists (Communists) are replacing the Democrat Party. Old politicians (Biden, Sanders, Warren) and young Socialists are replacing the Democrat Party. At one Democrat Debate earlier this summer, when the moderator asked who on the platform would support free medical care for all those within our borders, including illegal aliens, presumably paid for by the American taxpayer, all ten candidates on the platform raised their hands.

Open borders, free everything, corporate income taxes, confiscatory taxes on income producers (which will fall down on the already shrinking middle class), the end of the Second Amendment, serious constraints on the First Amendment practices by individuals and expanded abortion rights; this is Socialism. The old politicians and the young Socialists are smacking their lips.

Why are the Old Politicians and the Young Socialists working so hard to kill the Democrat Party? I promised an answer to that question a couple of weeks ago. Life intruded. Here you go, now, for my four-fold answer.

  1. People only change when and if they are given an impetus to change. No one actually like change. No one surrenders caste status meekly. There must be a reason for change, even if it is the wrong change. The Old Politicians have been kept out for too long. There is no tomorrow for them. They cannot win on the old terms, so they must dangle bright, shiny objects before potential Voting Blocs to get their day int he Oval Office. The Young Socialists do not live in mom’s basement because they want to live there. Their useless education, coupled with their enormous debts for said useless education, means they have No Job, No Income and No Future. They need to see a change. The easiest change is to find a government to be their Mama.
  2. The Old Pols and the Young Socs know the playing field among the Dems has not been level. The head of the DNC (Democrat National Committee) resigned in 2016 because she had colluded with pro_Hillary forces to keep Bernie Sanders from getting any Super Delegates. Another prominent Democrat had to resign her spot when CNN discovered she was giving Hillary debate questions before the debates. And, when all this hit the fan during the Democrat convention (coronation) of Ms. Clinton, the Bernie people booed and hissed. One of the imported Hollywood comedians enlisted to make Hillary look cool actually tore the micrephone out of the moderator’s hand and said, “You Bernie people. You are being ridiculous.” The Old/Young Pols/Socs know they cannot get a fair chance in the Dem Party. They have to kill it to get a chance.
  3. The old Dems were centrists, not Leftists. Ms. Clinton was a Centrist, like her husband. In fact, all the old Dems were Centrists. They would run from the Left, but govern from the Center. Ms. Clinton was/is a Centrist who ran as a Modern, not a Post-Modern. She had to have someone or many someones to help her seem cool, or, at least, conscious. Who knew she would be such an uninspiring candidate?Then, she picked a running mate with no higher pulse rate than her own because, well, she had to have someone who would not outshine her. Despite the best efforts of Google and the DNC, Ms. Clinton just could not get it done because her Centrism did not speak to the immediate needs of two generations; the Old Pols who are running out of time and the Young Socs who have to have what they want NOW, as always.
  4. The Old Pols and the Young Socs do not see any way things will get better for them (as they want) if they continue to play by the standard rules and practices. The Old Pols will not get to rule if the gatekeepers keep them out. The Young Socs will have to smell aggressive smells if they do not take charge. These two groups need a change now.

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