Why I Believe Midlothian Is Worth Saving

My family and I came to Midlothian just over thirty years ago. There were less than 3,000 people in town. Dallas was a long distance call. We had a Dairy Queen and, well, not much more.

Over the years Midlothian has changed. A lot of people have discovered us.

When my candidate for Mayor, Richard Reno, speaks of maintaining our home town feel, he is often chastised. The growth here has spurred higher home values and that, some say, must be protected over all else.

The higher home values are great. That is, if you intend to borrow money against your home (not a great idea in my book) or if you intend to sell your Midlothian home and move somewhere, well, cheaper.

I intend to die here in my over priced Midlothian home.

Here is why (or one reason).

I go most days to the Main Street Gym to get a workout. I love the people there and it is most of what anyone would want for a gym. I would like a steam room because of my allergies, but, everything else is there at Main Street Gym.

Yesterday, I bundled up my stuff to go into the gym but left a book I had been reading on the roof of my car in the parking lot.

Two hours later when I came out after my work out the book I had forgotten was still sitting on the roof of my car in the parking lot. No one bothered the hard back history book on my car roof for two solid hours.

In some of our neighboring areas, the book would have been gone. In some of the nearby areas, the car might have been gone, too. In Midlothian, our home town folks, including persons of all races and socio economic demographics are so good there was nothing to fear.

To me, the feeling of being safe in my hometown is worth a lot more than a few thousand dollars in home value. The home town feel of Midlothian is worth saving.

Vote for Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian. Election day is Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 7am to 7 pm.

Keep Midlothian great.

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