Why the State Should Stay Out of Religion

I am not making this up. In Germany the State requires one to pay Church taxes to support the State supported church.

People are not as willing to pay taxes for a Church anymore. So (I am not making this up) if you do not pay your Church taxes through the State, you will be denied the sacraments, baptism, marriage and burial in the Church (Associated Press, “Churchgoers in Germany Must Pay to Pray,” September 29, 2012, Jurgen Baetz, writer. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, p. 14A.

In fairness to the handful of European countries where this practice exists, before you are taxed, you must register as a believer. Then, the State taxes you and hands the support money over to the Church.

If you choose not to pay this tax, as a registered believer,you are then denied the services of the State Approved Church.

If you need any more proof the folks who wrote the US Constitution were inspired geniuses, here is this one. They insisted the State neither sponsor or approve churches or register those who believe.

God Bless America.



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