World Cup Prediction

   What does it say when I, a basketball maven, look up to disc over I have watched more World Cup Futbol than NBA basketball?

   I got to see several minutes of USA/England and Netherlands/Denmark. I have watched exactly 0 minutes of the NBA finals. 0.

   Of course, I predicted the Netherlands would be the eventual champion this time around. I hold to that thought but this looks like it will be a weird year. Note the one goal scored by the USA in the England match. If you hit that goalie with that shot 100 times, he stops it 100 times. Except, of course, on the largest platform of his national life this one time. 

USA will need more offense to get very far. I know they have winnable matches now but their goalie is hurt (best player) and there may be a let down after the routing the Mother Country. Ok, tying the Mother Country, but, still, it would be like a group of Rugby players coming over and tying the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

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