World Cup Winner-The Netherlands

   So you can say you read it hear first and so the Netherlands can know I was the one who put the jinx on them, plan on the Netherlands winning the World Cup in about a month from today. My heart almost tipped me to Spain but it will be the Netherlands. My heart really wanted to go with Germany, just so we could see the French surrender again at the sight of the German flag.

   Common sense prevailed, however, and it will be the Netherlands prevailing in South Africa.

   While we are on sports, the Texas Rangers currently sit atop the AL West. What will finally pull them down to second in a really sorry division? Their Center Fielder cannot throw, can barely catch, does not get himself in good position and runners will take liberties with him. The real problem is catcher, however, where only Max Ramirez offers any hope. He has the potential to be a decent hitter instead of an automatic out but he could not throw me out stealing second. The Rangers win 84 games but finish out of the playoffs again.

   On the other hand, night in and out, Elvis Andrus, the shortstop, does things I have not seen done since Ozzie Smith triple flipped into retirement. He must make the routine plays more often. He has the spectacular down pat. This, from a team of shortstops named Toby Harrah, ancient Bert Campanaris, out of position Doug Flynn, Benjie Gill, Nelson Norman and Royce Clayton. I mean really.

  While we are on sports, it is impossible to believe Pete Carrol did not leave USC because of the violations and coming sanctions. It is equally impossible to think he did not know about the violations.

   While we are on sports, the Cowboys have once again forgotten about character and drafted a wide received, Dez Bryant, who appears to be a Terrell Owens starter kit. If they avoid injuries, the Cowboys could finish 9-7 this year. If key injuries occur, it could be 7-9. They will not make the playoffs.

   While we are on sports, Tiger Woods will someday win a major again.

   While we are on sports, these Ultimate Fighting People are the gladiators of our day. I watched part of one match and had to turn it off. These people are vicious, committed and dynamic. Amazing.

   So much for sports.

   Except to say, Brock kids got to the state tournaments in softball and baseball. This set of youngsters is amazing.

5 thoughts on “World Cup Winner-The Netherlands”

  1. I think Team USA has a great chance against England, but only if the English wear those heavey wool red coats and march in a straight line like the last time we whipped them.
    Oh yeah, Rick, we have our version of the wedding of the century tomorrow. Pray for us.

  2. Well, Rick, you got the TIE part right for sure in the USA – England game! Be careful or the Vegas odds-makers will be calling you for advice and suggestions.
    Yes, our USA chaps played the Mother Country to a 1-1 tie. they all say from our perspective that tie was as good as a win. The English are certainly lamenting the tie, and they consider it a loss. So, way to go USA! Keep up the good “World Cup work!”

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