Would You Be a Generous Lover of Youth?

   I got to spend this overcast day mostly praying, thinking and reading. Intended to write sermons; not yet.

   So, I derived some comfort from this thought:

   …if you would truly be a generous lover of youth, think this: kindness to that generation is to view the world as a place of endless adventure…

1 thought on “Would You Be a Generous Lover of Youth?”

  1. Many of our church kids (HS and University) definitely do adventure. They are not reticent at all to hop on a plane and head to NYC, Europe, or even Thailand, among others, to sightsee or visit friends.
    While I enjoy the actual presence in those kinds of locations (Linda and I are plotting a rendezvous with her missionary niece in Kenya), I also enjoy virtual traveling. The web has made it very easy to experience a small part of this planet without ever leaving my comfy-chair. Not as much fun, but can do it.
    I have a good friend who is a farmer in the Oklahoma Panhandle. He told me, via Facebook, that he was enjoying a great rainy day this week by ‘virtually traveling’ on the Web, Facebook, and catching up on days of email.
    Endless adventure is where you find it, but I agree with you, that this generation does see this world as a place of endless adventure.
    And God made it so, did he not?
    Have a great weekend!

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