Young Minister: The Things I Would Tell You You Won’t Hear In Pithy Fashion Elsewhere

In no particualr order:

1. Preach every week to the people in the crowd who love you. Preach only to them.

2. Prepare. You get what you get ready for and nothing much more.

3. We are not all on the same side.

4. God is to be sensed in the psychological statement, "I am," for this is the statement with which God reveals Godself at crucial points in history. Anything else is analogous, accomodational. Only this statement is confessional and descriptive.

5. Integrate suffering into the whole. There is no life without the assimilation of suffering into one's core. Suffering is circumstantial. Recovery requires exertion.

6. Put your head down so you don't see trouble coming, keep your mouth shut so you don't create trouble for yourself, do your job and trouble will come find you soon enough.

7. When you see someone running, look to see where they running from and only then to see where they are running toward.

8. Assimilate in your mind the difference between an academic and an intellectual. If you can, be both. If you must choose, take the latter over the former.

9. Pray. Most people do not.

10. Work out your body. Pay a price to be better physically.

2 thoughts on “Young Minister: The Things I Would Tell You You Won’t Hear In Pithy Fashion Elsewhere”

  1. And never, ever, ever believe a Baptist bureaucrat who says they will help you. The only thing they will help you with is make their own egos bigger and their bank accounts bigger!

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